Ambulatory Resources -  EB Neuro / QRS Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Ambulatory EEG Services
Own your recording equipment?  Short staffed and no time for data analysis?  Your technician / co-worker on vacation, leave of absence?  Ambulatory EEG's  piling up?    
We are able to add hours to your work day and simplify your schedule.... all you have to do is:
  • Instruct and prepare your patient for A/EEG 
  • Un-hook patient after completion of recording time (24,48,72 hours)
  • Copy full recording to CD/DVD
  • Send to Ambulatory Resources and..... 
                we'll take it from there!  
Ambulatory Resources will provide accurate and efficient analysis of your 24, 48, 72 hour ambulatory EEG recordings.  Protocols are personalized and generally include the following:
  •  Routine/ hourly sampling
  •  Extended sampling during patient symptoms/complaints
  •  All abnormal paroxysmal activity
  •  All questionable EEG activity
  •  EKG overview
  •  Sleep stage characteristics sampled and identified
  •  Your preferred montage configuration
  •  Personalized reporting and analysis presentation (CD, paper, or Internet)
  •  24-48 hour turnaround time
  •  Detailed technical description / overview of full recording
Completed study and detailed technical description are returned overnight service... at no cost to you.  STAT results are accommodated via Internet, fax, or phone call.  Analysis fees are affordable and volume discounts are automatic.  
(Ambulatory Resources performs the data analysis on the most recent version of analysis software, therefore, most equipment types are compatible. To inquire please call (800) 346-7647.)